Why need old age home

Old age homes are must I think that old age homes are absolutely necessary. When children want to get rid of their parents, there must be somebody who could take care of them and keep them happy. If they are thrown out of their homes, they won’t have any place to go.Old age can help them.

We must care for parents who cared for us

They have spent their whole life time for us and its our responsibility to care for them in turn.. We are now busy in work at high position because of them.. If they have’nt spent money for us we can’t have this life now.. If we care for our parents now then only our children will care for us..

Old age homes plays an important role in our society.

In today’s world people are very busy due to various reasons the main one being money-making or work. There are some people who only care about money and think their parent as a burden. Some people are forced to be involved in money making for their living. Even if they wish to its difficult to look after their parents. IN both cases the children abandon them is such a situation the old age homes play an important role.

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